Friday, 26 August 2016

About the Purple Goose

The Purple Goose is a specialty boutique offering womens’ & children's clothing, accessories, and an ever-changing array of gifts. We're no ordinary boutique, though! Why? We don't follow the typical rules. Here are just a few of the rules we love to break!

They say: No kids in the shop, and if they must come in, for goodness sakes don't let them touch anything!
We say: Bring the kids! We have a great play area and it's not in the closet with a T.V.  We guarantee, they'll enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having them.

They say: No drinks in the store.
We say: Grab a cup o' joe while you shop.  We're not here to deprive you of life's little pleasures.

They say: Specialty boutiques should specialize in one thing.
We say: These days, people are too busy to shop at ten different places to get ten different things. At The Purple Goose, you’ll find an ever-changing selection of clothing, accessories, & gifts for everyone on your list. With each visit, you’re guaranteed to find a new treasure!

p.s. Not familiar with Verona, Wisconsin? You can find us on the map, of course. In a nutshell, we are "Hometown USA". Really, I'm not making this up. Read about it here. We have a grocery store that still carries groceries to your car, a knitting/coffee shop all in one, a thriving community theater, and much, much more making Verona one of the best kept secrets around!They say: Specialty boutique = expensive
We say: Everyone should be able to enjoy the boutique shopping experience. We search high, low, and everywhere in between to find wonderful, unique products and we offer them at fantastic prices.

They say: "Eco-boutique"—isn't that just a fancy word for used stuff?
We say: "Eco-boutique"—you mean they can do that with the wine bottles I recycle each week. Cool! We’re constantly seeking out new artwork and gifts made from recycled materials. We also carry several lines of clothing made from organic cotton & even bamboo!

Established in 2005, The Purple Goose has enjoyed serving thousands of customers locally and globally. Quite honestly, there's much more to come so you'll just have to visit often to make sure you don't miss a thing.